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Every King needs a Queen

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howeverlongs said: This was so great!!:)

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I just started watching Charmed and I'm on season 2. I love witches. I might one day write a Klaroline/Piper and Leo AU Onehot. I ADORE Piper and Leo. I have a thing for forbidden love xD



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I think Season 1-3 Elena is more a Prue than Bonnie. Prue is like the big sister. I'd re-think Bonnie as Piper though. Caroline is definitely a Pheobe hehe. Who doesn't love Pheobe?


I mean yeah, I figured out of any of the TVD characters, Elena has the biggest stick up her butt. Don’t get me wrong, I like Prue well enough, but she’s not my first Caroline casting. Caroline’s judgement is a little different than Prue’s judgement in my mind. 

Idk. I’ve only seen 3 or 4 episodes.

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It’s that time of year to start thinking about what parties you’re going to attend, what creative ideas you have for costumes and let’s not forget all of our favorite characters (two in particular) coming back to life on our television screens.

We’ve all had fun in the past with Secret Santas and Secret Valentines, but this year I thought we would add one more.

Klaroline Trick or Treat!

That’s right! It’s time to put on your creative Klaroline caps and surprise another Klaroliner with something spooky, fun and hopefully (maybe) smutty. So sign up and start working on your drabbles, graphics, mix tapes, or whatever for what these two crazy immortals will be getting up to this Halloween!

Sign-ups start now and end September 27th.

Drop your url and name in the ask box and let us know what awesome gift you plan on submitting.

Rules and such to follow soon!


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Taking you back to the 90's...well for at least 2 seasons or something anyway lol. Do Charmed please?


Okay so I’ve never watched Charmed before, but I’m watching the first episode on Netflix and here’s what I’ve got:

  • Elena as Prue
  • Bonnie as Piper
  • Caroline as Phoebe

I’m a little wary of the Prue/Phoebe casting, maybe reversing those? I’m not 100% on this one!

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Perfect, I have a lot!:)) so here we go to KC Cast, I was thinking about: City of Angels, The Lake House, Sleepless in Seattle , You've Got Mail, When in Rome, The Wedding Planer!


OMG CITY OF ANGELS MOVIE OF MY CHILDHOOD (I’ve *starred* the ones I haven’t seen, so my casting might be a little wonky!)

City of Angels:

  • Caroline as Dr. Maggie Rice
  • Klaus as Seth
  • Stefan as Cassiel
  • Damon as Nathaniel Messinger
  • Tyler as Dr. Jordan Ferris
  • Bonnie as Anne

*The Lake House:

  • Caroline as Kate Forster
  • Klaus as Alex Wyler
  • Elijah in place of Simon Wyler
  • Kol as Henry Wyler

Sleepless in Seattle:

  • Klaus as Sam
  • Nope Hope as Jonah
  • Caroline as Annie

*You’ve Got Mail:

  • Klaus as Joe Fox
  • Caroline as Kathleen Kelly

*When in Rome:

  • Caroline as Beth
  • Klaus as Nick
  • Bonnie as Joan
  • Kol as Umberto, Joan’s fiance
  • Stefan as Al the sausage magnate
  • Enzo as Lance the street illusionist
  • Jeremy as Antonio the painter
  • Damon as Gale the narcissistic male model

The Wedding Planner:

  • Caroline as Mary Fiore
  • Klaus as Steve Edison
  • Hayley as Fran
  • Enzo as Massimo
  • Julie Plec as Geri, Mary’s boss

I honestly cannot cast You’ve Got Mail or The Lake House and it’s been FOREVER since I’ve seen Sleepless in Seattle. When in Rome was a little tricky too.

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So how’s about another round of “Casting Klaroline” sound? :)

Submit TV shows and movies to me and I’ll cast it with my fave TVD characters and ships!

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So the fans are the ones who saved Klaus in TVD and the fans will be the ones to save Klaroline in TO.. that's pretty amazing if you ask me. Another amazing thing to add would be the level of attention KC will get if the writers actually go there. Klaus falls in love with Caroline on TVD. Caroline falls in love with Klaus on TO. A love story told between two shows. Crazy!





I see me.

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 OMG;  TEARS;  Klaroline;  


Klaroline + Jodice

miss these……QAQ

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Reblog this if you still hate Hayley!!!

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Chirp Chirp

"Now who on earth is texting me at this God forsaken hour?"

Klaus rolls over his empty king sized bed, disgruntled and a little annoyed. He squints as the bright light of his phone invades his retinas as it comes to life. He almost doesn’t believe the name that appears on his…

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The Vampire Diaries - season 6

Okay serious there are too many people in this picture…

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Daniel Gillies crashes Paul and Ian’s Panel in Las Vegas

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