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They need more storylines

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Marry, Fuck, Kiss, Cuddle, Get Drunk With send me FIVE names.


this ones great because I don’t have to kill anyone

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Who Am I?


Who Am I? is a guessing game in which i will describe a character from TVD and all you have to tell me is who I am describing!

Example: Ever since being separated from Caroline I find myself crying a lot over trivial things and spilling my feelings to a psychiatrist and tolerating other people’s bullshit instead of killing them. Who am I?

Correct Answer: Klaus Mikaelson

Disclaimer: this game does include a lot of mocking of TVD/TO characters. 

I just want to shout out for this amazeballs “example” description of Klaus, especially the “I find myself … tolerating other people’s bullshit instead of killing them.

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Candice Accola + her yellow bike
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I love Klaroline because not only does it make Klaus better in a way, but it also makes Caroline better. They both grow with each other, they both learn from each other. You can literally see it and feel it. With Steroline, it’s just because Stefan needs a girlfriend and he can’t have Elena. Caroline doesn’t grow when she’s with Stefan, she doesn’t get to reach her full potential. She won’t be challenged to go above and beyond. She will simply be a small town girl, when she could be so much more. Caroline Forbes IS so much more. 

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Caroline makes Klaus happy. No one can make him smile the way she can.

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"never judge a fanfic for its title"

—wise thought of the day  (via klarolicityswan)
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Anything that’s not related to Klaroline



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I’ve just seen the TVD season 6 teaser


And this is the unexpected behaviour that we were going to see this season? Elena weeping and going on a kill spree. Please. What a load of crap. This show couldn’t be more predictable.

Personally, I stopped caring about Elena long ago, so I’d prefer to watch a teaser about other characters who are dealing with a great loss like Caroline, Jeremy and, yes, Stefan, who lost his fucking big brother, his reaction to that and how he is dealing with that is far more important than Elena’s (and don’t tell me that he was on the screen for half a second, cause that was also about Elena too); I’d like to see characters dealing with their new life circumstances like Tyler or Alaric; I’d like to see Bonnie and Damon wherever they are; I’d like to see someone hurting because BONNIE IS DEAD TOO (again), damn it! There’s so much more material that they could show in a teaser, something that fans of the show (and not just of one couple) are interested in. And yet they pick the most used and predictable of them all.

And if that’s not enough, now they wanna make Elena take drugs because of a man. I repeat: the girl is going to be on drugs to see a man. And this is the main heroine of the show? Someone people should relate to? Someone who the young girls watching this show should relate to? It reminds me of Twilight, when Bella was putting herself in danger in order to see Edward. Apparently, lately JP has been inspired by this (ehem) saga for both of her shows.

If a teaser is supposed to attract fans and make them wanna watch, well, my ass I’m wasting my time on this show one more season. So bravo, Julie Plec, you are taking this whole show down, even more, something humanly impossible, but, oh well, “it’s a vampire show”, isn’t it?

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I'm just waiting for Klaroline

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My own head canon about TVD: It ended after season 4. Stefan took off to live his own life away from Mystic Dooms. Damon peaces out too because he misses his brother. Elena gets the cure (or not) she just becomes normal again and remembers she has a brother. Bonnie, Alaric & Kol are the 3 amigos on the other side. Caroline peaces out on her own too. About a decade later, she's seen driving past a sign that reads "Welcome to NOLA" cut scene: Klaus painting outdoors and stops: Hello Caroline.



HEADCANON ACCEPTED! That was beautiful!

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kc meme: [1/3] locations » the woods.

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Do You Write Drabbles/Oneshots?


If you do and you are free tomorrow, Saturday, August 23, and would like to help the Klaroline Magazine with a project, then let us know here! 

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"I used to pride myself on being totally independent, everything I’ve done until now is because I worked my ass off. I never needed anyone, I just made it happen.”

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