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Oh my, so first Hayley is Daenerys Targeryen. Then she is now Charles Bronson. This is so bad it’s plain hilarious at this point.

This article pretty much confirms the show will never make it past two seasons.

The fact that Hayley was ever in comparison to Daenerys is the funniest yet cruelest insult to Emilia Clarke and her brilliant acting.

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something always brings me back to you

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Klaus & Caroline unwrapping their 1st & last gifts. You’re welcome (x)

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#haha #caroline forbes #pointing out the obvious while slightly judging you since 2009

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Candice in Maui with fiancé Joe King - April 2014

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Though there’s distance and there’s silence, your words have never left me

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 Anonymous asked
  "So who's a good singer out there in our beautiful fandom? Because I think we should totally have a let it go parody...but of Klaroline of course!"

Hahaha, I mean I think I can carry a tune in a bucket, but I’m not Idina Menzel or anything…

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Mabekah + Social Network
inspired by: {x}

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"But if Mama Forbes dies, it would be the perfect outlet for Caroline to leave Mystic Falls…"

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Why am I seeing so much o this on my dash lately…is something happening to Liz on tvd?

I hope if she leaves she travels around a bit 1st though and maybe runs into rebekah in europe and have some team barbie moments beore she takes a trip to go visit the hubby

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I tried to forget
but you grew roots around my ribcage
and sprouted flowers
just below my collarbones.
all day I pluck their petals
but I have not yet ascertained
whether you love me
or not

                            - Unrequited Love by Jess Pintore x

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The difference between a casual fan and me

Friend: How was TVD, I missed it!
Friend: Wait, isn't he dead?
Me: Do you even know what show you're watching?
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Caption: Maybe if I play ‘Give Me Love’ or the instrumental version of “Falling Slowly” loud enough, my queen will come rescue me from this lot of insufferable peasants and whip me back into shape.

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Kol thinks his siblings are being ridiculous in NOLA too so he instead comes to visit people in Mystic Falls

Headcanon that Kol is just shouting at them from the Other Side all the time.

"Klaus you degenerate CRYBABY, get your head out of your arse and just rule the city for Christsakes."

"Rebekah where the fuck have you gone, baby sister??"

"Elijah…. I hate that suit."

"Seriously people, you are so boring you’re making me miss FINN."

^^^ GOLD. Headcanon completely accepted! I’m cracking up. When he misses Finn, you know it’s serious.

"Why are you crying over that blonde human? JUST EAT HER."

"Has ANYBODY noticed the wolf’s been pregnant for 10 MONTHS?"

"For fuck’s sake, she’s pregnant with your nephew Elijah. YOUR NEPHEW."

^^^The REAL reason Kol can’t be on TO.

Since he was the only one that called Rebekah on the bull of her crying over his death for less than 10 minutes, we all know he’d never buy into the Nola bullshit Julie’s been feeding us.

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