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Who wants to guess my top 10 fave ships?!

Well! Off you pop! I’M SO EAGER TO PLAY MORE GAMES!!!

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Shout out to all my new (and old!) followers:


Feel free to come talk in my askbox anytime! p.s.I’m a shy person but I’m trying to get better at it 

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-Who do I like better? Bonnie or Caroline? 
-You love them both. Equally

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How did I become the bad guy?

          Let’s get you a drink and I’ll tell you all about being the bad guy.

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”(…), tell me where your death is. Between us there must be no lies. To the world we may lie and go stalking with claws out, but not to each other. It is only fair: you know where my death is, at the point of your knife or between strangling fingers or in a glass of poison. Show me that you can rest in my hand like a chick, small and weak and knowing that I could crush you if I wished it, but that I will not, will never.”

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And she follows the rabbit down the hole where all the magic has made the town mad.

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"But on behalf of those who love Klaus and Caroline together, they look at this pregnancy storyline and think that means ‘Oh, Klaus is going to go away and be a good dad and fall for the baby-mama and forget all about Caroline.’ No. Hell no.
It’s not about Hayley for him, and there’s not some grand “Klayley” endgame romance brewing in Louisiana."

Julie Plec (Zap2it - The Originals Spinoff) 

This was over a year ago, but I’d like to remind people that this was a legitimate quote from the show’s creator. No one loves the smell of hypocrisy in the morning as much as me, but this is a seriously bold statement to make if they were EVER planning to keep the Klayley door open.

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*coughs* Hypocritic bullshit *hacks up lung*

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The loud noise that I made when Leah sent me the cover for my new fic was not human.  It’s gorgeous!



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KC Moments - [part 1 of 4]

"I want to be your
chronic hungover
second mass

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K L A R O L I N E | a  s e r i e s ¬ 407e 

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↳ Klaroline "The Big Picture" Series

Part 3 - Dangerous Liaisons  I fancy you. Is that so hard to believe?

Part 1 [x] , Part 2 [x]

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"He’s your first love. I intend to be your last."

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flustered klaroline
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Hi I love all of your stories! Will you be updating Green Card soon?


Hopefully! I’m doing my best to make it through this chapter, it’s a tough one! Coming down from the Mikaelson dinner and the aftermath… It’s pretty much the turning point of the story and the rest of the story resolves itself pretty quickly and soon it’ll be over! :(/:)

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