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"I am not a woman. I am an inferno, I am a tempest. I am venom and fangs and claws. I am lightning and starlight, and I am hell in high heels."

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Klaroline 4X07

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I have never heard an NBA team say “We’re a great team but we lost the championship because the audience didn’t like us.”

I have never heard a chef say “My restaurant serves delicious food but it got bad reviews because the diners didn’t like it.”

And here is Julie Plec saying “Hayley and Camille are strong characters but they’re failing because Klaroliners don’t like them.”



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LOL, skip to 4:00 youtube(.)com/watch?v=3sB8YVs-gw0



I would say start at about 3:30 if you want context.


Let me compose myself for a minute….

Ok, this is troubling for two reasons. First, Julie genuinely doesn’t seem to think that there is anything wrong with her female characters in the slightest. She thinks that they are strong, interesting women with great stories that apparently need nothing changed. She doesn’t get that the audience hasn’t latched onto them because they are some of the most misogynistic, boring characters to ever grace the small screen. I had a slight glimmer of hope that she’d taken some of the incredibly negative feedback for both Hayley and Cami and course corrected by 1) distancing Cami from vampires and focusing on empowering her within the human faction and 2) giving Hayley a more sinister vibe and turning her against the very obvious support system of Klaus and Elijah.

Apparently, that’s not the case.

The second reason is the one that gets me very upset.

I thought we were making serious progress on the anti-Klaroline mentality and anti-KC fandom statements. She of course didn’t name names, which was the bare minimum because she insinuated the hell out of exactly who she was talking about, but we see her giving a VIDEO STATEMENT that the only reason her female characters are failing is because they either got knocked up by Klaus or managed to snag Klaus’ interest. She is blaming the Klaroline fandom for instantly disliking these characters for the sole reason that they are in the way of our ship. I’m trying not to be too angry or too upset, but I’m sorry. This has GOT to stop.

You can very easily ignore that hateful comments on twitter, those little monsters do not represent intelligent fandom in any way shape or form.

But to pin your mistakes on your audience is just not fair. YOU wrote problematic characters. It is YOUR responsibility to fix those problems and win your audience back. To say that fans don’t like certain female characters simply because they like Klaroline is incredibly insulting. You are degrading the maturity as well as the critical thinking capabilities of your audience.This continued assault and finger pointing against a particular fandom is mind boggling to me.

Perhaps it’s just Julie’s personality or pride or something way more messed up. But it’s hurtful to see every other showrunner on the CW excited and engaged with fans, while Julie looks down her nose at them and blames them for not conforming to her tastes.

Seriously, Lindsay, you took the words out of my mouth and brain.

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If you get a second, you should go wish klarolineepiclove a Happy Birthday.

That girl is one swell Klaroliner.

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Hey sweet people! 

vote for klaroline as best moment of TVD (Caroline making out with Klaus 5x11)
get your vote on here


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Klaus and Caroline.

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I saw one of Julie''s tweets RT'd on my timeline - "Just heard Damon and Elena won Best Ship last night at the MTVU awards. Nice votin'!"... *rolls eyes*



Ah yes, as long as it is a ship SHE likes, she’ll acknowledge polls and awards alright


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MAKE ME CHOOSE — anonymous asked Teen Wolf or The Vampire Diaries

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My friend asked if i can babysit her dog. KLAUS! He’s fucking name is KLAUS, i almost peed in my pants. Shit, never laughed so hard.

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You know, for someone who claims that she sees all of her fandoms as being a part of the same family, she certainly has a funny way of showing it. I've come to the conclusion that she legitimately sees the Klaroline fandom as the ugly step-children she was stuck with but would gladly ship off to boarding school in the most remote location in the world if she could. Can she please stop blaming us for everything that goes wrong with her show? If it wasn't so old & tired it might be flattering.



It’s really sad to me. One of the things that I’m required to teach in our entrepreneurship program is the danger of self-serving bias in business and how that is one of the leading causes of small businesses going under.  So I’m watching this woman blame the fans (the consumers) and it just horrifies me because it’s completely and comically absurd. The KC fandom isn’t controlling the Nielsen boxes. They’re not rushing into people’s homes and turning their channels. They’re not forcing these journalists to throw shade at the show, or point out the problematic elements of the characters. The KC fandom is upset about what happened last year and they haven’t let it go. Some of them are assholes and have made bad choices on Twitter.  But they’re not responsible for the GA’s lack of interest or the falling ratings or the lack of buzz around the show and the characters JUST BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY SHIP. They’re just not, and to imply otherwise is like watching someone with a broken leg saying that they can’t walk because they have a cold.

The KC fandom’s dissent is a symptom of a problem, it is not the problem itself.

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What do you mean they stole your story and convert it to Klayley?



Once upon a time in the Klaroline Kingdom there was a princess named Maevelin who was writing a breath-taking story called Possession, and her friend Erica was writing an eeek! story called Only Red Flames Live Here Now. Possession was very popular and Only Red Flames had its fair share of readers, so the two were happy .

But then one day an/some evil peasants from the Klayley Kingdom who had no creativity – or decency, for that matter – decided that in order for the Kayley fanfiction library to flourish, they needed a little help from the Klaroline Kingdom.

So they took Princess Maevelin’s and Erica’s stories, replaced Caroline’s name with Hayley’s and uploaded the stories in the Klayley tag of FFN under different titles and summaries. (Seriously there were lines which went like ‘Hayley’s blonde hair’ or ‘Hayley’s blue eyes’, it was awful.) 

When the crime was discovered the Klayley Kingdom earned the wrath of the Klaroline Kingdom but the Klayley Kingdom cried foul and said that the Klaroline Kingdom was unfairly generalizing the Klayley citizens as story thieves, of course let’s make no mention of the fact that the Klayley Kingdom consistently generalizes the Klaroline citizens as haters.

And that is how the TO could have had 574 fics instead of 572.


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Kiss me like you wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
You wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love
Falling in love
We’re falling in love
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